Ductility is in the memory

1st prize Competition Project

La Casa dello Studente tra memoria e futuro

Comune dell’Aquila

L’Aquila, Italy | 2018

’’DUCTILITY is in the MEMORY’’ is a motto that wants to enclose the emotional and technological character of the project: high-strength materials used today in construction must be ductile, also the thought of people that have experienced a drama has to be ductile, to process the event since to be able to overcome it; and so, ductile  wants to show itself this new place that is going to generate, offering itself to citizenship not only as an earthquake memorial (memory room) but also as reconciliation space as well (green and rest areas), as a place of experience of drama for those who have not lived it (path of the walls), and as a site of rebirth dedicated to young people and knowledge (reading room).