Society for human architecture.


Designing for people. Knowing in detail not only the historical, formal and natural context, but above all the human context. Firmly believing that architecture must create relationships as well as places. Thinking and creating spaces that focus on people’s functional, social and emotional needs. Conveying emotions to people, connecting them empathically with their surroundings. Constantly searching for new technologies in technical architecture, without forgetting traditional building elements and principles, in order to have a continuous dialogue between past and future. Meticulous attention to the materials that make up places in order to ensure that architecture is experienced in its entirety. Experimenting for innovation. Constantly seeking new challenges, incentives and experiences in order to revolutionise the paradigm: rethinking space for people. Four designers, born in 1994, trained in the post-earthquake period in the city of L’Aquila. Lack of reference points, gathering places, public spaces, spaces created for people. Together since 2017, after winning the third place in a competition of ideas in the university field organized by SIDIEF, at the end of 2018 they won a national competition that they felt very strongly about: the future memorial for the victims of the earthquake in the Casa dello Studente. In 2019, they were selected as Associate Partners of REACH culture, a project of the European community, contributing to the enhancement of the architectural heritage of inland areas. Combining university studies with competitions, they broaden their horizons to include major international competitions, trying to understand the man for whom each project is designed. In 2020 they gained experience as individual professionals in large companies of the construction field and in architectural firms in Europe, arriving at the beginning of 2021 to create their own reality: sh.arch studio s.t.p. srl, a multidisciplinary company between professionals that deals with all-round architecture, engineering and design.