Engineering | Architecture | Design



Each project is studied, analyzed and scanned in detail, bordering on the maniacality.
From the smallest intervention to the territorial masterplan, the attention we place to the manipulation of space is the same. Every detail is important. Always looking for new applicable technologies to architecture, from the latest softwares to three-dimensional printings, passing through drones and metaverse.



  • Architectural design
    • Topographical, aerial-photogrammetric surveys
    • Preliminary studies, computation
    • Final and executive design
    • Photorealistic three-dimensional visualization
    • Video and real time rendering
    • Integrated management B.I.M. and Heritage B.I.M.
  • Structural design
    • Structural modeling
    • Analysis of existing buildings and restoration techniques
    • Seismic improvement and adjustment interventions
    • New buildings
  • Plant design
    • Energy performance certificate (APE)
    • Civil plant design
    • Design of photovoltaic systems
    • Energy calculations and reports
  • Contract management
    • BIM integration
    • Works management
    • Site management
    • Project management
    • Economic analysis of real estate investment
    • Safety management
    • Safety and security plans